How To Calculate IELTS Listening Band Score?

IELTS listening band score
Ielts listening band score calculation

The IELTS exam score or results calculation is not similar to other competitive exams and also academic results. If you are an IELTS candidate, you must know how to calculate your IELTS listening band score. In this article, I will give you details information about IELTS listening scoring.

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What is IELTS Band score?

IELTS band score is the way of evaluating a non-native speaker how good at in the English language. The total score of IELTS is 9. The exciting thing is that you can’t fail an IELTS exam. The lowest score is 1, and the highest score is 9.

How To Calculate Ielts Listening Band Score?

It is easy to calculate a listening score. IELTS listening has a total of 40 questions, and each question has 1 mark. That means if you give a wrong answer, you won’t get any number for that question. Another hand, if you provide the right solution, you will get 1 mark. It is called the raw score, and every competitive exam use this simple formula. But there is a difference in the IELTS band score calculation. IELTS listening scoring follows a chart. You can learn more details about IELTS scoring from ieltsliz.

IELTS Listening Band Score Chart

Correct AnswersBand Scores
Academic and general ielts listening score calculation chart

If you give the correct answer mark between 39 to 40 in the listening section, you will get a 9 band score. You will get 8.5 if you give 37 to 38 correct answers. For getting 8 band score in listening your valid answer number should be 35-36. Same as for 7.5 you give 32 to 34 correct answers. And for other listening band scores like 7, 6.5, 6, 5.5, 5, and so on. For listening, scoring follows the IELTS listening score calculation chart above.

IELTS Listening Scoring And Decision

If you score between 0-17, you are unlikely to get an acceptable score under examination conditions, and we recommended that you spend a lot of time improving your English before you take IELTS.

If you sore between 18-27, you may get an acceptable score under examination conditions, but we recommended that practice more before taking the exam.

If you score 28-40, you are likely to get an acceptable score under examination conditions but remember that different institutions will find other scores acceptable.

For getting your expected result in listening you should use listening answer sheet.

The IELTS Band Score (Overall) Scale Descriptions

  • If you get 9, you are an expert user.
  • If you get a band score of 8, you will have very good user.
  • For good user score is 7,
  • If you get 6, you will be a competent user.
  • For the modest user, the band score is 5
  • Band score 4 for the limited user.
  • 3 for extremely limited user
  • 2 score for the intermittent user.
  • If you get 1 that means you are a non-user.
  • Band score 0 means did not attempt the test

In conclusion, always calculate the IELTS listening score and keep documented when you are practicing listening. It will help to improve and track your IELTS listening score.


What is a good IELTS listening score?

The IELTS exam has a total of 9 band scores. The lowest number of band score is 1, and the highest number of band score is 9. But the standard score is 6.5. Almost all of the universities are allowed 6.5. The good IELTS score is 7-8. If you get 8.5-9, you are too good, and that means you have highly commended in the English language.

Is 4.5 A good score in IELTS?

The most acceptable IELTS score is 6-7.5. All universities have accepted these scores. If you get a 4.5 band score, it will be too low. No one does obtain this score. If you get 4.5 in the IELTS exam, that means you have the necessary English skills but not enough communication skills.

How can I get listening 8 in IELTS?

If you want to band score 8 in listening, you will practice every day and always increase your focus. Follow these tips for getting 8 in listening. Listen to an audio podcast, and it will help to understand native phonetics. Don’t follow any formula. You can watch movies and late-night shows. I personally follow these, and right now, I am good at listening. Here is one thing always practice on the IELTS listening practice sheet.

Is IELTS listening difficult?

IELTS listening is difficult for beginners. Maximum time the beginners are struggled to understand the native phonetics. But if you have the required listening skills, you are good to go. To be good at listening practice every day and practice on a listening sheet.

How many answers should be correct to get 8 in listening?

If you want to get 8 in listening, you will give 35-36 right answers out of 40 questions. That means you should acquire 35-36 marks for listening band sore 8. In listening, each correct answer has one mark, and the wrong one has on the mark.