Best Books For IELTS 2021: The Super Five

best books for ielts

Taking IELTS preparation without any definitive set of books would be a disastrous plan to take. Haphazard planning about materials can kill your preparation time and hinder your progress. Test-takers waste their majority portion of preparation time by using and practicing questions from the wrong test materials. After a month or two, when their exam … Read more

What is a Good IELTS Score?

What is a Good IELTS Score?

Before taking the IELTS exam, almost every test taker wondering about the single most important question: what is a good IELTS score? Because they want to set their target score based on the right answer to this question. Before taking preparation seriously, setting a target score for any exam, let alone for the IELTS test, … Read more

How To Calculate IELTS Listening Band Score?

IELTS listening band score

The IELTS exam score or results calculation is not similar to other competitive exams and also academic results. If you are an IELTS candidate, you must know how to calculate your IELTS listening band score. In this article, I will give you details information about IELTS listening scoring. So let’s drive in… What is IELTS … Read more